WE LOVE WHAT WE DO! Great pride is taken in our work and process. From a very humble start of removing old barns and selling the barnwood wholesale, we are now involved in every facet of our field of industry. Our process begins with the painstakingly labor intensive work of dismantling 100+ year old structures by hand to harvest our inventory. Then the lumber is denailed, graded, sorted, and shipped to our Trimble location to be power washed, kiln dried, and stored until a customers order deigns its new life to begin as; Mantles, Shelves. Paneling, Flooring, Custom Designed Furniture, Tops (Table, Bar, Island, Counter), Interior & Architectural Designs, and/or Raw Lumber for other artisans to work with. Through our business we preserve history, save existing trees, and make beautiful and unique products to enrich the homes and businesses of our clientele.

Reclaim.. Repurpose... Reloveā€¦